Key to Species of Caladium

Based on Notes on Caladium and its Allies (Madison, Selbyana 5(3-4): 342-377, 1981)

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1A. Leaves 3-lobed or trifoliate
2A. Leaflets ovateOvate: , fully separate at the base; berries 1-2 seeded .. 📌Caladium ternatum
2B. Lobes of the leaf lanceolateLanceolate: , confluent at the base; berries manyseeded .. 📌Caladium macrotites
1B. Leaves ovateOvate: , cordateCordate: , or hastateHastate: , but not 3-lobed
3A. Leaf peltatePeltate: .
4A. PetiolePetiole: Leaf stem. to 2 mm thick, the leaves less than 10 cm long .. 📌Caladium humboldtii
4B. PetiolePetiole: Leaf stem. s more than 4 mm thick, the leaves more than 12 cm long
5A. Leaves 12-25 cm broad, green or variegated with pink, red, or white .. 📌Caladium bicolor
5B. Leaves 40-60 cm broad, glaucousGlaucous: Covered with a whitish powder or waxy coating. bluish above .. 📌Caladium coerulescens
3B. Leaf not peltatePeltate:
6A. Leaf sagittateSagittate: .. 📌Caladium lindenii
6B. Leaf more or less ovateOvate: , lacking posteriorPosterior: lobes .. 📌Caladium schomburgkii

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